Monday, May 31, 2010

Long time coming

It's hard to believe how long it has been since I took time to post any kind of news. I think about it but obviously never get anything done. So here is what we've been up to in the Dudley household! 

Rylan Roo turned two March 13th! I don't know where time went. Here she is showing off her new trike from Mommy and Daddy.

Rylan's party was butterfly/flower themed, so Mema made her these cookies and we all helped decorate. I hate decorating sugar cookies. I mean HATE. And now you know how much I love my little girl!

This year Rylan was really into opening presents-she thought everything she opened was just incredible!
Also in this pic you can see the newly opened kitchen. We love the feel of a big open area between the dining room and kitchen. Great job, Shaun!

She wasn't quite sure what to think of everyone singing to her! 

One of her fav new toys is a coffee pot from Auntie Daunee' and Uncle Damion. It is stored out of sight so we don't go crazy listening to her ask for it. She makes a huge mess when she plays!

Rylan went to her first big Easter Egg Hunt in Sheridan. A local church sponsors the Hunt in the city park and it's awesome-different areas for various ages, the Easter Bunny and fantastic Christian rock music blaring. It was fun to run into my friend Michelle from High School/College there! Daunee' is "helping" Lucas gather eggs in this shot! 

Another fun activity for Rylan was decorating eggs with Nana Carmen. She really got into it this year!

Checking out her Easter basket after a good dunk in the bath.

Aiden, Ella, Lucas and Rylan in their coordinating Easter outfits. We keep Children's Place in business! 

Rylan adores, I mean ADORES her cousin Lucas. She asks to see him about five times a day and prays for him during bedtime prayers at least ten times. You can see why, right?

At this point, Rylan was over cameras being pointed at her. What a turd!

Echo, Daunee' and I

Rylan digging through the eggs with Auntie Echo after a hunt in Daunee's back yard. 

I love these people. They're my favorite parents EVER. 

And sadly enough, that concludes the pictures we've taken this spring. Well, there are tons more of the above events, but not one shot since then! Needless to say, I got slightly overwhelmed with my last six weeks of college classes. I even had to resort to taking a day off of work to finish projects. Bleh. I've finished 12 credits of 30 required, and I'm praying the remaining classes aren't quite as time consuming. I have the most amazing husband in the world, though, because he never once complained about the time I spent wrapped up in homework. And he picked up my slack in all household areas. He is so wonderful.

I had an opportunity to go to Women of Faith in Billings right after Easter with my friend Jody. We had a great time but I missed being there with my sister, mom and aunts. At the end of April Shaun, Dad, Daunee', Damion and I had the chance to see Kutless in Sheridan. They are probably one of my favorite Christian bands ever. They do the best shows and their music always speaks to me. Their acoustic set was fantastic. I just want to be back there again! We have the best Daddy who raised us to LOVE loud music-and it was he that led us as far to the front as we could manage. And he still jumps up and down and pumps his fist and screams the lyrics. He's that cool! Mom was back at the Kennedy's house, watching Ry and Lucas. She was just as worn out as we were! 

Two weeks after Kutless we went to Rapid with Tucker and his girlfriend to see Skillet for the third time in ten months. Are we freaks? Yes. But the concert was worth it. We saw Red for the first time that night and they put on a great show. The best part by far, though, was the seven year old boy sitting next to me who knew all about Skillet and taught me about "acostic" (long o) guitars. 

May brought the end of classes for me, the beginning of numerous projects for Shaun and peace for Rylan. She is most content when she is outside playing. Shaun was able to build a new fence with her in tow and Titus now has his own area of the yard. We are hoping to bring grass back so Rylan can really enjoy the backyard. This weekend she got a new sand table and she loves it.

She finally had her 2-year-old check-up this month and all is well. At least then it was! During April she had pink eye, the flu and a nasty cold/cough. Yuck! Anyway, at her check-up she was 34 inches tall and 28.6 pounds. That's 45th percentile for both. Two weeks after her check-up she is on meds for a case of tonsillitis. The fun just never ends for her! 

I have three days of school left---woohoo! They are doing lots of work at school this summer, so I hand in my keys on Thursday and don't get them back until August. That breaks my heart. But not really. 

It looks like a small group of us from school along with a friend from church will be getting together to do a bible study over the summer. I am excited and nervous about this opportunity. I actually had the privilege of leading a close friend at school to the Lord this month. It ranks right next to getting married and having a child as one of the most memorable moments of my life. Anyway, pray that I follow God's leading in what I say to my friend and for the study we all do together.

I'm teaching summer school in July but it shouldn't be too bad. I'll be in 2nd grade with my buddy Charity which actually could spell trouble. We shall see! 

Plans for June include a trip to the Renaissance Fair in CO next week with my sisters, Mom, Carm and kids, Tennessee in two weeks, and hopefully a stay in IA with the Nebelsick clan. I can't wait! Hopefully we will take some pictures and I will update more about our fun times!

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